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Something I find absolutely maddening is our culture’s inability to do triage, that is to prioritize. Christian culture, too. Like, I’m concerned about suicide rates, the opiate epidemic, redefining marriage, the gap between the rich and poor, child abuse, violence, radicalizing young men, red pills perverting faith…..

What concerns many others? Yoga pants. Tattoos. Christian ladies blogging.

Christian ladies blogging?! Say wut?

Yep! Allegedly we’re not under authority and therefore a real danger, least we teach falsely or something. The idea that many of us believe we are under God’s authority, that we answer to Him, that we desire His favor, is apparently not perceived as authority ENOUGH.

Apparently people are not too concerned about the massive porn industry on the internet, the cults, the people advocating violence, the white supremacists, domestic terrorism, people on TV wearing “Jesus will Judge You” jackets while kicking people on the ground in the head… none of these things really raise any red flags.

But Christian women blogging, whoah, seriously scary.

I too am a bit of a control freak, as in I like things tidy, organized, and not prone to mess with my head. What messes with my head? Things like irony, hypocrisy, chaos disguised as order. Actually it tends to make me laugh, I just can’t seem to take such things too seriously. I really can’t seem to take that kind if authority seriously. Or rather, alleged authority.

So, once again, following this perfect theme of constantly messing with my head, this article has been popping up everywhere, “Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?”Β 

The age of the Internet has birthed a crisis of authority, especially for women.”

Especially for women?? Why women specifically? I don’t feel or sense any such crisis. I have a Lord and Savior, a husband, a church, some much loved pastors, some mentors. Also, I don’t think of myself as an authority on anything. Open your own bible and read it, build a relationship with Jesus Christ, find a church. I mean that kindly, enthusiastically even. Do it, it’s wonderful.

Not to start a great debate here or ruffle any feathers, but Tish Harrison Warren is kind of like a walking, breathing crisis of authority herself. She is an Angelican priest. The good “Father” Tish, let that one sink in for a moment, is quite pleased that she can say, “the tradition I serve in offers just one model of church governance and accountability.”

Now Father Tish is just messing with my head! I can’t have an honest discussion about authority with a lady priest who seems to believe that Christian Women bloggers must be placed under the authority of an institution, on account of the fact that….. we are women.

No offense to the church, but who wants to live in an institution? An institution run by lady priests who are now going to instruct us all on the a nature of churchian authority.

Ai yi yi. My bad, but I found that ridiculously funny.