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I have some trust issues when it comes to faith, actually a rather melancholy outlook that sometimes believes more in Murphy’s law than in God’s law. Cynicism, a lack of trust, a lack of faith. I really believe that sometimes my own negativity blocks God from answering my prayers.

One thing I am certain of, faith is a critical component of prayer. Abraham in the old testament is justified by faith.  If you listen to Jesus over and over again He says, “your faith has healed you.” We have to pray and then trust our prayers have been heard and will be answered. We have to walk in those answered prayers as if they had already been granted. Faith.

First a caveat, God is not Santa Claus, the answer is not always going to be a cut and dry “yes,” but more often than not it really is. Sometimes it may be slightly different than you expected but prayers are absolutely answered. You have not because you ask not.

I’ve spent the past few years working on small things, just delighting in the Lord and taking note of everything I receive. It’s really amazing how all those tiny secret desires of my heart arrive right on schedule, wind up right in my path. Small things that I used to dismiss as coincidence, that often went unnoticed.

I’ve had a lot of negative words spoken over me like, “God doesn’t answer your prayers” or “God doesn’t care about you personally,” or my favorite, “you shouldn’t bother God with your petty stuff, He’s too busy for you.” All lies I assure you, but all lies I’ve had to peel off and unwrap.

God answers prayers, God cares about each of us personally, and He is never too busy. He’s a big, big, God. Also, a good Father who really wants to hear from us.

A while back I was stuck in the middle of nowhere one day, wishing desperately for a cup of coffee, not really “praying” but thinking, “Lord, I sure would like a cup of coffee.” The doorbell suddenly rang and there was a guy with a cup of coffee in his hand. He’d bought it for someone else, they weren’t home, and he didn’t want to waste it.

Did God bend the entire fabric of the universe just for me, synchronize events and people all so I could have a cup of coffee?

Perhaps. I’m not ashamed to say that either because He’s a good God who cares for sparrows, counts the very hairs on our head,  and is faithful in the small things and the big. Yes, He loves us that much, more than we can even imagine.