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First let me say I adore Adam, his descendents, the Adams of today. I like men in general, as a group. It is not as if I see their flaws and now I don’t love them anymore. In fact, I see their flaws and love them all the more.

That’s how it works in marriage, too. Oh, wow, you’re imperfect and deeply flawed…..ahhh, now I like you even more. You are relatable, human, kind of cute in your flaws…..

Second, let me say there are no curses. Read the book of Genesis, even after the fall God does not curse either of His children, He curses the serpent and He curses the ground. There are consequences after the fall, but there is no actual “curse of Eve” or “curse of Adam.” In fact, God wraps them in skins, protects them from farther harm, and already has a plan to redeem them.

As Christians I really believe we should remove this idea of curses from our vocabulary and our thinking. Even if you are going to insist that Adam and Eve were cursed, the curse was broken. Jesus Christ won, He is seated in victory. It is finished. Curse broken.

There are human behaviors however, that go all the way back to Adam and Eve, that are still observable in people today, that sometimes make me laugh and sometimes frustrate me no end. Recently I was reading a debate about what “desire” means, why God told Eve she would desire her husband and he would rule over her.

It was somewhat comical, because do I wonder what that means? No. Heck no! Neither did any other woman in that conversation. With all good gallows humor, not one of us girls had the least bit of trouble understanding it.

The guys were scratching their heads, why is that a punishment? It seems like God actually blessed Eve. How come men have to toil away pulling thistles out of the ground but all Eve has to do is love us?

Ai yi yi.  That right there is the sin of Adam. He thinks he’s so good and wonderful, the Eve’s are all blessed to even know him. She should be honored and grateful just to be able to love me!  That’s a real blessing,  obviously her sole purpose in life….

Adam is just a bit self-absorbed. Kind of a navel gazer too, if you ask me. Probably still trying to figure out why his rib is missing. He can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes.

He thinks he’s good, and he often refuses to take responsibility for his own self, or for Eve either. He likes Eve, she’s just not his problem. He’ll name the animals, take dominion over the Earth,  but he’ll blame Eve and God himself before He’ll take responsibility himself.  That’s what happens after the fall, Adam basically tells God, not my fault, Eve gave me the fruit. You made Eve. This woman you gave me…

It’s very rational. Well reasoned. Logical. Eloquently presented. And total nonsense, complete bovine poo. God knows it’s nonsense, too. Hence Adam is not still walking in that perfect garden in the cool of the evenings.

Adam always thinks he’s good. So, so good.  It’s women who are crazy, maybe even God Himself, but it certainly isn’t me. Pride, pride, pride. Anyway, I often feel bad for Adam, not angry, not resentful, just kind of sad becasue he often clings to this idea that he is good, clings to it to to his own detriment. He can set that burden down at anytime, but he doesn’t like too, and so he often suffers.

So, your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you…. but he will be somewhat clueless, blind to his own flaws, prone to blame everyone else, with a propensity to avoid taking any responsibility, and he always thinks he’s good. Sheesh, and those guys where whining about some little thistles….

I jest a bit here, there are many wonderful men in the world, well adjusted, healthy, who actually enjoy their sisters, have set aside the old Adam nature to varying degrees, and have embraced Jesus Christ, the New Adam. What makes me know them, recognize them, is the complete lack of contempt for women. They are kind, we are not a threat to them, we are not in competetion with them, we are not scary. Weaker vessels if you will, as in fine china, the good stuff, the stuff you bring out when company is coming. They are gentle and they pour honor on their sisters becasue they know that honors the God who made us.

The other kind, ai yi yi. Come into the New Testament Bros, cast off the old Adam and become the righteousness of Jesus Christ. That’s what you have been called to do.