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We have an issue with light bulbs at our house. You can take that literally, metaphorically or spiritually. The point is, it’s often too dark at our house. Not enough light.

It gets bad sometimes, like there are only 3 functioning light bulbs in the whole house and you walk into the bathroom and realize it is pitch black in there because somebody else needed a light bulb.

The other day, somebody was hogging two light bulbs because “the dark was devouring all the light.” Drowning it out. Thankfully, it doesn’t actually work that way, at least not in terms of physics, or faith for that matter. Dark does not overwhelm the light. It is not “another kind of light,” as if the dark bulbs are at war with the light bulbs. Dark is an absence, a void of light.

I am perpetually annoyed with the gaggle of baboons, also known as a congress, who mandated squiggly light bulbs. See, squiggly bulbs don’t work in some of our light fixtures and some bulbs just smoke and turn black. Black smoke and electricity is never a good thing. Long story short, one can no longer just zip down to the store and buy some bulbs.

What used to cost 75 cents is now 19.95.  Hence the chronic darkness as we slowly move about the house, huddling around the last remaining light bulb. It’s quite tragic and rather pathetic,  too.

I have to go buy some light bulbs. Our family is starting to remind me of a Charles Dickens story. Little Tim, bring that bulb over here, so we can cook dinner…..

Back to the spiritual and metaphorical darkness however, we have to make the light. God said, “let there be light” and in a much smaller way, that is what we have to do, too. It’s a simple idea, but surprisingly difficult.