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Alt-right thugs want to bring muscle to liberal protests.

It’s probably no secret that I have been tracking, investigating, and following the rise of the red pills and the Alt Right for a good decade now. It’s actually not the politics themselves that concern me, so much as it is faith, how we represent Jesus Christ, what we are teaching people in His name, how it is all influencing culture.

The NY Post says, “The Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and other extremist organizations, has taken notice of the “highly masculine” group…..” Yes, I noticed, definite masculine thing going on there, but it isn’t really “masculine” at all, at least it isn’t “masculine” unless you describe “masculine” as completely rootless domination, dominion, and destruction. Rebels without a clue, but armed with a whole lot of aggression and testosterone. Also, while we’re at it, they have declared a pox on the so called “feminized” peace keepers, white knights, and cuckservatives.

The Keyboard Warriors now want to take to the streets, and have a grand LARPing adventure, a la their video games. I suppose we should be grateful they are actually pondering the potential benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Here are my issues. Mindless, unrooted violence for the sake of violence is just stupid. Pretending you are protecting Western Civilization, because politics, cops, and the establishment won’t, is a self-deception. It is a lie designed to make you feel like a potential hero. Second, most of the people lead astray who will join your street army are going to be deeply wounded individuals of  assorted brokenness possessing little integrity. They just want to fight……something, anything.

But mostly the problem is that there are a lot of Christians on the fringes, on  the edges, encouraging this rubbish.  You guys are supposed to be leading, teaching, building Western civilization, leading people to Jesus Christ, not fantasizing about punching 5 ft teen age girls in the head. Blessed be the peace keepers, not the guys in the neon yellow “Jesus Will Judge You ” jackets.  Also, this behavior just builds the opposition, it pours fuel on a fire. So we begin with a few lost and misguided college students armed with hoodies, garbage can lids, and bandanas, and like useful idiots we become their best recruiting tool. Antifa doesn’t even need to advertise for recruits, people will be tripping over themselves to sign up.

So speak out, speak up! Lead, teach, be Christians. It grieves me no end to see so many dropping the ball, or worse, encouraging confrontation, cheering this alleged street army on. It’s not okay, it’s not good doctrine, it’s horrible evangelism, and it’s just plain foolish.

If you want a non violent street army out spreading the good news, that would be awesome. There are a lot of lost, confused and broken people out there who need to be loved, who need to be led. Love takes a lot more courage than hatred, it always has, and sometimes it costs you everything, but that’s what really changes the world.