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Sam Powell recently wrote a post I really appreciated called,  Billy Graham Rule Follow-up.  It is so wonderful when Christian men understand things and stand up for them. It’s like a big breath of fresh air or a light in the darkness.

Recently there was a bit of a kerfluffle over Mike Pence saying he didn’t go out to dinner without his wife. I thought it was kind of sweet on his part, but as anything political is apt to do, there was a bunch of hyperbole that followed.

Unfortunately some of the hyperbole came from the so-called Christian side and then it got kind of dark and ugly. I’m not going to link to anything, but several conversations just made my heart sink because they were very negative towards women. Sam Powell’s words have really helped to wash all that away, to bring us back to scripture, back to reason and common sense.

I love me some reason and common sense.