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I appreciate the post because I often struggle to explain why I find these guys to be so dangerous. Night Wind sums it up well here, “This is one of the things that makes the Red Pill Cult exceptionally dangerous. Fisher is a classic case of an infiltrator—a fanatic who poses as a mainstream Conservative or Christian, then undermines both movements from within.”

They are often vulgar, glorify in violence, express a great deal of hatred towards women, and it is all entwined in politics, but what really bothers me is that they are totally misrepresenting Jesus Christ and faith. Infiltrators is good word for it. AKA, wolves in sheeps clothing. So, the lost, the broken, the misguided, flock to these guys, and get led astray, deceived into believing all sorts of things they should not be believing. Rather then being lead to redemption, salvation, and healing, they are being radicalized.

I recently read an article from The Gospel Coalition,  Beware of Broken Wolves. Really ticked me off actually. No mention of the Red Pills, no mention of radicalizing young men, no mention of the violence going on in our streets right now, Oh no, broken wolves are mostly women. As the article says, “Many of us men—including elders called to protect their flock—remain silent hoping that one of our sisters in Christ will speak up before the popular and prominent female Broken Wolves in our midst devours another one of our own.

So what’s the greatest threat, the biggest sin, the scariest thing our churches face? The carnivorous nature of broken women who plan to devour “another one of our own.”

Wow. Lesson to self, avoid reading anything from The Gospel Coalition, least one start growling like a she-wolf and foaming at the mouth. So, call me crazy, but I really think the greatest threat we face as a nation, as a culture, as a church is actually epidemic opiate addictions, rampant suicide rates, and the radicalization of young men, domestic terrorism really. Young men like Dylann Roof who actually walked in and shot up a church. Or Elliot Rodger.

Many of the red pills are actually very hostile towards the church and towards Christians in general. You take someone who is broken, entwine sexual frustration with ideology, and you will eventually wind up with young men willing to shoot the place up for a chance to feel powerful. It happens everyday on the streets of Chicago.

I’m a bit angry today because so, so many of our Christian leaders are not leading at all. They’re cowering in fear over the thought of broken women and lamenting the horror of yoga pants.  Call me crazy, but I’m thinking that is not what the bible meant at all by “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” Surely Occam’s Razor should apply here, like the guy actually wearing the wolf avatar, posing as a Christian, and directing broken young men towards hatred and violence in Jesus Christ’s name, should give us some cause for concern?