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This was well said, quite charming, and a delightful peek into how traditional roles, biblical values, can be really helpful in marriage. As I like to say, just read the instruction manual, it explains everything! It also shows us how to build marriages filled with both contentment and romance.

The Day I Put My Wife in Her Place by D Patrick Collins


I liked many things about this post, but one is that it echoes some of my own struggles with this cultural idea of equals, how confusing that all became in my own life. It was like trying to swim up-stream against a current, trying to force something unnatural. I had no idea what was wrong in my marriage, what I needed, why things didn’t feel as good as they could or should, until I let go of that notion of “equals.” I actually wanted to be cherished, treasured, valued, not equal and the same at all. That’s not oppressive by any means, it’s very woman affirming.

Today it seems almost natural, the way things are supposed to be, the way they were designed to be. My husband is actually a lot more fun to be around, much more relaxed, less inclined to be defensive. I have that sense of emotional safety that I need and he is not walking around in perpetual self-preservation mode.