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My bad, but this is so over the top I must stop and simply laugh. Ronald Pelias really does need to be teaching drama or at least melodrama.

“…I find myself struggling, wanting to find a narrative that will let me sleep, but I am unable to find any comfort…..I wake up, shaking….I live in a fragmented, cruel world, one that imploded..”

My first reaction is to say okay, okay these things are all true! Have you ever considered a relationship with Jesus Christ? He can bring order to our chaos, He can deliver peace, He can bring rest for our souls. I mean that will all sincerity, Ronald Pelias really needs a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I would leave it at that except that Ronald is a college professor actually lamenting over ….the last presidential election. This is way out of proportion, clear derangement syndrome, plain and simple. He is not proud of the “contempt he holds” for people? He’s telling his students, “You do not have a sufficient moral compass to be around children?” These things are all way overboard, totally inappropriate.

To make the whole thing so ridiculously comical, Pelias expresses a great deal of concern about women, what’s going to happen to women, women’s rights, etc, etc, the sheer horror of straight, white, males, of which he is one. Then he proceeds to lecture his all female class, until they finally complain that he’s trying to make them feel bad for having voted for Trump!

Pelias goes on to say he is “feeling disappointed in all of my students, all of whom are women.” He says, “I am angry…You are a hypocrite.”

And he somehow manages to do all this while holding a theater class in which “respect for others” is considered the most important rule in a classroom.

Ai yi yi.