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I am overwhelmed by dandelions and weeds, overwhelmed by life too, by the way the good people who I care about keep getting hit by some affliction, and the bad people who I also care about, seem to be hellbent on afflicting their own selves.

I am also overwhelmed by those same prayers that must go up day after day, year after year, and yet nothing really seems to ever change. We pray without ceasing and then we simply run out of breath, and I suppose when that happens the Holy Spirit just picks up where we left off and intercedes for us….

I am simply out of breath today, Lord.

It occurs to me that all these things are very subjective, both the weeds and the afflictions. I actually have let the dandelions lay as I often do this time of year because they are bright and yellow, the only flower out there. What makes them weeds??

I actually have some affection for weeds, my collection of plants actually being weeds to someone, somewhere. I have tiger lilies that grow on the sides of the road in the midwest, wild roses, nasturtiums that creep up from the cracks in the pavement on the freeways of California. I am all about the weeds, what the High and Mighty, an invasive species themselves, would promptly label, “non native.” Then, as if that is not enough to mess with my head, they move here and proceed to spend a great deal of money…. importing native plants.

In case anyone wondered, IB does not play so well with the Garden Club Ladies. I am crazy enough without their help…

I said nothing really ever changes and yet in truth everything changes constantly and it is the changes that tend to grieve us the most. So I pray without ceasing for change, but only good change, not the bad change, and I pray for Spring and yet when Spring finally comes I lament the dandelions and the pollen and the Garden Club Ladies….

So today I pray instead for the Lord to show me the value in the dandelions, the treasures to be found hidden in our afflictions, to open my eyes to His blessings safely tucked within the weeds.