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Today I feel the need to pay tribute and to honor the anonymous, to recognize “Some Pastor” or “Somebody Smart” who once said something that managed to get stuck in my head. I have no idea who these people all are, but some of their words have lasted 20-30 years.

The other day I was actually thinking of bilge rats, of which I once was, of bailing water out of the bottom of a boat, when I walked by a TV and “Some Pastor” looking right at me said,  “kicking holes in the hull causes sinking.”  I thought, “well that’s just fabulous, now the television is actually reading my mind and speaking to me personally.” Who knew?

I jest a bit, but those words have gotten themselves stuck in my head and they are fabulous words, timely words, words that arrived at just the right moment. The words of “Some Pastor.” We hit a buoy on a boat once, it punched a hole right above the waterline. Indeed, “kicking holes in the hull causes sinking.” We were lucky it wasn’t below the waterline.

For those lucky enough not to be living in my head, it all speaks to the need for a good foundation, for framing and for a water tight hull because when you hit a buoy or an iceberg in life, you do not want the entire ship to go down. The buoy we hit just kind of bounced off the boat below the waterline because there was a stringer there, a stud, the bones of the skeleton. Above where there was no support however, it punched right through.

Yesterday I was speaking to a woman and asked,  “who said that?” “Some Pastor,” she said.

Ahhh, yes, I know that guy! He talks to me all the time. Really, I have no idea who he is either. He’s doomed to live in complete anonymity forever. But his words, they went some where, they planted themselves in good soil, they grew and flourished. They fought an iceberg once and a bouy and the enemy heard them and he fled, unable to fight those words, unable to punch a hole in the ship because a foundation had been built and the hull was now watertight.

So, “Some Pastor” whose words were not even really his own, who lives in anonymity lost in our brains somewhere, know that His Word never returns void, that you are still quoted (Ha! and misquoted, too) and someday I hope you get to see where your words landed and to hear, “well done good and faithful servant.”