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There are quite a lot of us out here, children greatly harmed by the evangelizing atheism of our parents, by agendas that took precedent over natural affection, by world views that actually masked much greater dysfunctions.

Mustard Seed posted the story of a much more famous evangelizing atheist, “Son of Atheist Apostle Madalyn Murray O’Hair became Christian after suffering under her parental treatment”

I am yet another, a child harmed by evangelizing atheism, a child that Jesus Christ pursued, rescued, saved. It’s somewhat comical, I actually feel stalked, but stalked in the best way, stalked by love and mercy and salvation. I have never doubted there was a war for my soul going on.

I have recently come from yet another predictable and repetitive atheist discussion, the one were they like to accuse Christians of abusing and indoctrinating children. I was abused and indoctrinated, but not by Christians. I didn’t even know what Christians were. I did follow one around once when I was about 10. All these years later, I have my doubts he was actually a Christian. He was just a boy with a cross in his ear, often upside down and probably in the wrong ear too. He was a rock star wannabee, likely the kind who would go on to bite the heads off of rats on stage, but I didn’t care, I saw that cross and knew there were others who believed too. He was like my lifeline to another world.

Just the symbolism of the cross can have temendous power, even a cross worn upside down in the wrong ear, by a boy who probably didn’t even care. To this day I am grateful to those who wear crosses, who remind me of all the dark times I have looked up and suddenly there was a cross, reminding me I am not alone.

The truth matters too, and child abuse under evangelizing atheism is a real thing. People deny it, ignore it, pretend they are just molding themselves some reason based kids, but what they are really doing is indoctrinating kids with an incoherant belief system that is devoid of hope. Irrational, illogical, and denies the human experience, the full range of emotions, observations, and experiences. It is a deception, one that will leave you ill prepared for life.

I know there are Christians who abuse kids, too and in someways I am really grateful not to have had that kind of confusion to sort out, a blight that may have tainted my eyes to the truth, that may have caused me to recoil in horror against any suggestion of faith, like many atheists today do. My defiance pushed me towards God, not away from Him.

Just the same, I’m not going to stand for these false accusations, for these labels that try to decry all Christians as harmful to kids, as prone to indoctrinate and brainwash the vulnerable. That’s a lie.

I know the Truth, the Truth is a person, and He can set you free.

So, don’t be shrieking at me about how harmful Christians are, how we all allegedly abuse kids, because I have a thousand tales to tell about what indoctrination and abuse under atheism really looks like. That’s a real thing in the world too, and it begins by placing your own idedology and worldview before and above the well being of your own children.