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“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Proverbs 5:18

cupcakes2I actually don’t have a wife of my youth, but I have a husband and my fountain is blessed and overflowing. Somewhat funny, I was cleaning a wedding picture the other day and thought, dang that sure is a fine-looking man! I have some doubt as to whether or not I am the better looking half in that picture. Then I remembered that day. He refused to wear his cummerbund and his corsage. At the last moment the guys wrestled his flower onto his suit, but the “ribbon” as he called it, forget it. He refused to wear a “waist ribbon.” Apparently no self-respecting man ever wears a ribbon. Part way through the reception he noticed every other guy was happily wearing their “ribbon.” Like, yeah.

It’s a bit funny, I don’t really think that way in terms of attractiveness and being good-looking and perhaps I never really did. The other day an older woman said, “he’s such a handsome man,” and I thought,Β “Who?” That sounds like something my husband would say, one of those things where you just want to kick him in the shins under the table.

Who? We do tend to grow comfortable in marriage, so companionable, like a favorite pair of jeans. Who cares what they look like, they feel good and they bend in all the right places….

These days however, I spend a little bit more time not taking things for granted, not growing so complacent and comfortable that I am prone to overlook some of the fun, some of the joy to be found in marriage, the romance. He really is a handsome man and I won the husband lottery. Let me never become an actual Who in Whoville who totally forgets that.

The other day I was looking at him, the sun was peeking out and hitting his hair, all white now, but it was like a trip back in time, because when he was very young, his hair was white too, white blond, almost silver. My eyes are not that great anymore, so to me it almost appeared as if he were aging backward in sunlight. His hair darkened in his 20’s, so for most of our life his hair was darker, but now it has returned to how it was in the beginning.

You should never nap in the sunlight when your wife is around or at least learn to sleep with one eye open, least she stare at you and blog about it. That’s nothing, the girls and I once painted his nails. Trust me, he has learned to rest with one eye open.

It’s interesting to me, we live in this somewhat shallow, superficial world that is all about youth and beauty, as if the two go hand in hand. I don’t believe that anymore, perhaps I never really did, but today that point is driven home even more. The bible in its infinite wisdom tells us that, it speaks to the truths that we cannot always see, that we don’t fully understand until we arrive there.

I was actually pondering this in terms of faith the other day, the way some people say all faiths are pretty much equal, “I don’t want to really step on any toes and imply my faith is far superior, my God is greater.” Can you imagine if we did that in marriage? It would be like saying, “Meh, a man is just a man, he’s not any better than any other. They’re all equal, all valid…. one easily exchanged for another.”

Well, call me crazy, but my God is greater, my husband is better, and my grandchildren are cuter, every one of them completely irreplaceable, far superior, not equal and the same at all.