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Our house is about 50 years old, built as cheaply as possible back in the day, so everything is now worn out. To make matters worse there’s always been 6-8 people living here, far too much wear and tear for such a tiny house. Sometime ago the kitchen sink just kind of fell apart, our forever faucet not even pretending to last forever.

Thankfully, I married a contractor and as everyone knows there’s no reason to remind a guy every six months or so that something needs to be fixed. If they said they would get to it, they will get to it….

Somewhat funny, I had a mailbox on a rotten post that kept falling across my driveway for Β a number of years. I’d have to stop the car, get out, pick up the mailbox, and then pull into the driveway. One day I just became this Scottish Highlander throwing a caber and heaved the whole thing about 20 feet across the road. I have to give my hubby credit, he can move quickly sometimes, because before I made it into the house he was standing behind me with a post hole digger, almost as if he had been keeping it in his back pocket all this time.

So of course, last week the kitchen sink eventually crashed onto the floor, taking the plumbing with it. Poor hubby really has a tough time because he has to work all week, there’s never enough money to fix anything, and naturally what always begins as simply replacing a washer, soon turns into redoing all the kitchen plumbing, getting a new sink, and reinforcing the counters.

Of course it was a Friday night, the banks are closed, we live in the middle of nowhere, and so replacing a sink and a faucet is not such a simple thing. We pooled our cash on hand and came up with 32 dollars, which caused us both to cackle hysterically.

I really do live on a wing and prayer, answered prayers, becauseΒ Saturday we just decided to go for a drive and there at a garage sale, leaning against a mail box was our new sink. Lo and behold the hardware store had some faucets they were sending back to China, so exceedingly cheap, that day only.

Hubby doesn’t believe in prayer quite like I do, in God’s perfect synchronicity, as if God would actually hear my pleas and petitions for simple things and bring it all together, place just what is needed right in our path, but I do, because I have been living for a long time on a wing and prayer.

“Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

Believe it or not, for all the grumbling, hubby really is happiest when he has a job to do, a project, the opportunity to be Batman and to save the day, which he did beautifully because we have a kitchen once again, but I know Who really stands over us, Who looks out for us, He who answers prayers and makes impossible things possible.

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Foto: Gernot Gleiss