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coffeenjesusSo this place is selling tee-shirts, quite cute, and oh yes, amen, I run on coffee and Jesus, too. And yet, in spite of, or perhaps due to my obvious, evident and well proven coffee idolatry, I notice we have now placed yet another thing before Jesus.

I realize this is very pedantic, but the word Jesus should really come before the word coffee. It’s a trifle, I know, this little qualm I have, but that part about no other Gods before me, He wasn’t joking about that. That also applies to coffee gods, which least someone accuse me of heresy again, is simply another way of saying elevating coffee to a god-like status, much like a golden calf might be elevated.

Perish the thought that God ever take away coffee, I mean, coffee is proof that God loves us dearly, but still, it should not become more important to us than He is. There is also the issue of why we might feel compelled to rather worshipfully consume massive amounts of coffee. Like, why are we trying to be more awake than we were designed to be? What is that even about?

Caffeine of course is addictive, but coffee itself is also emotionally and psychologically addictive. It speaks to comfort, compassion, warmth, the fact that somebody cares. When people are stressed out, upset, or someone has died, the first thing I do is run to get them some coffee. It’s like trying to put a band-aid on a giant sucking chest wound. It’s woefully inadequate to say something like, it seems you’ve cut your finger off, here have some coffee. Unfortunately where I live it’s often all I’ve got to work with.

So seldom, so rarely can we do other things like,  let’s all gather around and pray for you. Than we’ll get together and do some Christian networking, see if we can come up with some practical solutions to help you with whatever you are facing. It does happen sometimes, I’ve seen it, I’ve done it, so I don’t mean “never,” I mean “seldom.” Most of the time it’s more like, I’m so sorry you’re living in your car….. would you like some coffee?

I don’t really blame “the church” as a whole for this, well not entirely. We could be doing so much better than we are, but the truth of the matter is that I live in a very secular area, so “can I pray for you,” is often met with some resistance, to say the least. Well, outright hostility really.  Okay, more like a physical attack in some circles…

Coffee is really all we have to pour into the abyss of people’s souls, the God sized hole, the giant sucking chest wound, where well, where God is supposed to go. So it is no accident that I cannot buy a pair of socks in this town, but I can walk in all four directions and immediately get a cup of coffee.

We are an entire land of coffee idolatry and as much as I love coffee, coffee is simply not Jesus Christ, although the warmth, comfort, and love infused in a cup of coffee does represent some aspects of who He is, it is still a really cheap and sad substitute, a woefully inadequate cure for all that ails you.