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Do you know how many leadership conferences there are? Leadership in ministry, leadership in your community, leadership on the environment. It’s like the whole world wants to be a leader at something. That would be quite lovely if people actually stepped into responsibility in areas where they are supposed to but oh, no,  these days it’s all about avoiding that and just…. being “a leader.” “Being” the key word there, a leader isn’t about what you actually do, it’s just a state of being.

No one ever wants to be a follower. It’s a great tragedy. Why do we have so many lousy leaders? Partially because we have so many lousy followers. Seriously, no one even knows what they’re doing. There are no Follower Conferences in the world.

I actually do not want to be a leader, I am sick and tired of. I was the oldest kid, I have had more responsibility in life than I ever wanted in the first place, so there is nothing there that appeals to me at all. Also the world is plagued by bad followers, which is yet another blight on my leadership potato.

The other day I tried to take some kids on a path, just a short little path, a grand adventure, but nope, it was like herding cats. First kid says “I’m not going, I’m going this way instead.” I explain about team work, the need for us to stick together, to all go the same direction for a few moments, but it just falls on deaf ears. Second kid actually says, what’s in it for me? I have to give her credit for her honesty there, but I’m not going to pay you or bribe you to follow me down this blasted path. You want to see what’s in it for you, you have to follow me and find out.

We never made it down the path. I was simply going to show them a fish. It’s not really all that exciting, but I thought it would be a vast improvement over standing around and sucking on rocks. That was the entertainment du jour, sucking on rocks, which is what followers do when they have no idea what they are supposed to actually be doing with themselves.

So you see, the world is really in desperate need of some Follower’s Conferences. How to follow. How to choose Who to follow. Why is it important to follow. How to identify an actual leader worthy of following. How not to spend your whole day simply sucking on rocks, chewing on your hair, and lamenting about how bored you are.