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This is a video that’s been making its rounds for the past year or so. I really appreciate the fact that there are Christians who care and I think his message is a powerful one. I’ve seen this same situation many times. The incredible gap between the rich and the poor in my neck of the woods, the gap between the connected and the non connected, just overwhelms me sometimes.

When I was working, I would go from house to house and one person would be so affluent while another, you had to haul water for them just so they could flush the toilet. It’s an issue that is never far from my mind and it’s not really the material poverty that gets to me, but the spiritual poverty, that sense of having been abandoned, cast out, forgotten, and left behind. That should not be happening anywhere in America, not when there are Christians nearby.

It also brings to mind my least favorite phrase, “the deserving poor,” but I know of no other way to say it.  When our country spends money serving addicts, criminals, the homeless, people in perpetual crisis, we take resources away from those people who really need our time, our money, and our support. The working poor have been hit hard during the past decade and the secular world tends to just invest in their pet causes while much of the churchian world likes to support missionary work overseas.

Not all mind you, not all! Thank goodness for the church, because I can look all across this country and see evidence of people who care, people who are doing things, it is just that the need is so huge and overwhelming, and often so invisible to people.