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“I think that we are all equals. People deserve respect for our opinions regardless of our views.”

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? I think we should all cultivate that sentiment in our hearts and keep it in the back of our minds when we are relating to one another. Absolutely no sarcasm or cynicism intended here, I truly mean it. It is a sweet and valuable sentiment to hang onto.

Back to the real world however, the physical and material one we all live in, and my question is, are you bloody insane? What are you even thinking?? Are you even thinking?

So perhaps that sounds a bit harsh, but I’m going to plead victimhood and triggers here, and wallow in some emotionalism. This idea, this concept that suggests “we are all equals, all views are valid” has just made my life a living nightmare for a number of years now. That is not a truth anywhere in the natural world, it is not true in the social world, and as far as I know it is not true in the Kingdom world.

What an abyss we have created simply by suddenly deciding children are equal to their parents, for example.  Equal in what way? They are smaller, weaker, more vulnerable, less wise, and they don’t pay any bills. “You can’t tell me what to do,” is one of my favorites. Who in their right mind came up with that one?

People are not all “equal.” I know a man with some dementia right now, totally controls the finances, and his wife has had no luck as of yet having him deemed incompetent. He allegedly has an equal right to decide what they’re going to do with their money. Well, he recently went for a drive, forgot who he was, wound up in a casino, lost a bunch of money, and got caught trying to marry another woman, who of course, just wanted access to his money herself. For various reasons related to competency, we are not all “equal.”

The idea that all views are equally valid is downright ridiculous, too. No, sorry, some views are more valid than others. Some are more reasonable than others. Some are more sane. Some views are just totally out there, orbiting on their own little planet.

I am the last one who believes in labels, I mean people are not their behavior, we are not defined by our circumstances. Just the same, thieves, pedophiles, people actively using heroin and meth, alcoholics, terrorists, these people’s views should not be seen as equal and valid, they should not carry as much weight as other people’s. Yes, that’s a form of intolerance and discrimination. Too bad! I’m also extremely intolerant of those who believe we must tolerate absolutely everything until all common sense leaves our body and our brains just fall out.

And another thing I’m feeling a bit intolerant about today, people who have this happy dappy, “We are all equals, all views are valid,” just don’t live in my world. They don’t even care about my world. They care only for their own perceived virtue.

Yesterday I was just a preaching and a screeching in the mini-mart parking lot. Mr. Right in the start of  DT’s is shaking like a leaf and trying desperately to get my kid to buy him a beer. Another group is sitting on the pavement begging for money, and I look over and there’s a girl I know half my age, missing all her teeth, looking so darn old, so walking dead. It didn’t used to be like this here. The predatory homeless, the pedophiles, the meth dealers, these people aren’t victims, they’re predators, they suck the life out of others, they drain our kid’s of their youth, they prey off of people’s compassion, and I’m angry, so angry that we just keep opening the flood gates and welcoming them all in. That little gal from the walking dead, she didn’t stand a chance. Kids here are so naive, so vulnerable, so inexperienced with the horrors of the real world, and no one in power cares. No one even really sees it.

“We are all equals, all views are valid.” No. Some people are bloody parasites and some ideas are beyond foolish.