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A couple of guys I really like have both written about men today, in completely different ways, but one of those odd juxtapositions I really enjoy stumbling upon.

Men’s ministry is always on my mind because I can so clearly see such a need, not because men are broken, but because the world is, and the fastest and most effective way to cure what ails us is in a societal sense is to rally around the men.

There’s a certain kind of urgency today because so many men are seeking, actively out looking for real answers. Unfortunately there are also a million awful things lined up just waiting to be poured into the abyss of our souls.

So Matt writes, The Things We Don’t Teach Men (And How It Ruins Everything). Matt is coming out a divorce and pondering all the things he didn’t know, all the things we fail to teach men, and the chain reaction of harm that sets off, divorce, the impact on children, the culture at large. Matt’s a brave soul and brutally honest. I appreciate that kind of courage.

Night Wind writes of the red pills again in, The tree of Life and The Cult of Death a post that highlights one of those “awful things just lined up to get into men’s souls,” the cult of perverted scripture and white supremacy, but it is a hopeful post too, one that also shows what men of great courage and strength can do when they put their minds to it, or perhaps when they put the mind of Christ to it.

Putting the mind of Christ to it, I love that concept because that really is how we go about approaching problems and issues that are overwhelming, that appear far too big for us to even handle. Both Matt and Night Wind speak to the importance of purpose, which always makes me think of fairy tales, dragon slayers, and heroes who just don’t know it yet.