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April is awareness month,  be aware, very aware. For some reason we have chosen April as the month we need to raise awareness about every imaginable horror the world has to offer. So, genocide awareness, child abuse awareness, sexual assault awareness, spay and neuter your cat awareness, whatever issues plague you, this is the month to make sure everybody else cares about them, too.

I like to buck the trend and spend April encouraging people to cultivate cluelessness. Complete and total lack of awareness. Know Nothing Month.  Not Even of the World Month. Just Float on a Unicorn Cloud Month. See no evil, hear no evil, think no evil. I have no idea what you’re even talking about. No, I’m not aware, but even worse, I refuse to care.

Not caring sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it? You’ll have to forgive me, where I live Awareness Month is practically a national holiday and I am a survivor, not unlike a Mardi Gras survivor waking up a week later with an emotional hangover. So, so much caring, an overindulgence of caring, a binge drinking festival of virtue signaling, great offense, and bottomless compassion that just never ends….

I used to feel bad about cultivating cluelessness, so on top of the complete and total emotional exploitation that seeks to rob me of all my delicious caring, we get to just taint the mix with guilt, effectively cutting ourselves off from any and all healthy self-defense mechanisms.

I kid you not, someone sat down next to me yesterday and said, “Can I show you some photos of abused animals?”

No, no you cannot. I’m busy cultivating my cluelessness.

Sigh. Thirty more days to go.