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Some things that have caused me no small amount of frustration and grief have been America’s opioid problems, the spread of meth and heroin addiction, skyrocketing suicide rates, and the radicalization of young men.

It’s kind of like an unholy trifecta of horrors. A perfect confluence that just swept across this country, eventually landing way too close to home. One thing that’s really been maddening is watching it all unfold and being unable to do anything at all except stand by helplessly. I’ve watched a lot of people die. So when you are faced with something so overwhelming, you usually turn to your leaders, politicians, which up until recently has been a lesson in complete futility and hopelessness.

The second thing you do is turn towards your faith, especially your Christian brothers and sisters. That too has brought a great deal of frustration, because many do not understand, some are completely unconcerned, and still others are engaged in some pretty horrible stuff themselves.

I didn’t realize how alone I’ve felt, how completely abandoned, and I guess to understand you’d have to know that one of the proudest moments for the Catholics where I live was having staged a mock ordination of female priests, the rainbow flag in now flying in front of my former church, and our city council is busy delighting in being a sanctuary city.

I’m trying to get somebody to care about people dying and it often seems to just fall on deaf ears.

Here’s the disconnect I often see, some people like to get all upset over blasphemy in a movie like Beauty and The Beast and I need people to get all upset about the radicalization of young men, the atrocities happening there. You can go read about James Jackson at NightWind’s place, he’s one of the latest in a steam of men frequenting red pill sites and going on to commit violence. Terrorism really, as in some red pills merge faith, white supremacy, and exploit the unstable with cultian ideology. These guys consume tons of hateful stuff, entwine it all around perceptions of masculinity, get the impression that violence is God endorsed, and then go out and kill people.

Seems pretty blasphemous and heretical to me. True, not all red pills are Christians. Not all Christian red pills are promoting violence either, but there is enough of a relationship and over lap there for us to observe that there is a connection. Dylann Roof shot up a church and killed nine people. Surely somebody finds that blasphemous.

So what really grieves me is outright hatred  being preached in Jesus Christ’s name and when Christians either don’t speak out against it, or worse they endorse it.

If you fancy yourself a contender for the faith, a dragon slayer for all things blasphemous and heretical, there’s an actual place for you direct your energies. You can stand against the hatred, the perversions of masculinity, and the distortions of the gospel going on within that movement. I’ve seen it, its pretty darn ugly and kind of makes complaining about things like the talking clock in Beauty and the Beast seem rather silly.

Just saying.