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Let’s begin by defining treason, “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.”

This can be a bit complicated because every four years (or 2 yrs) we have these things called “elections.” Often people check a box on their ballot which can be a vote against the incumbent or the incumbent’s party. This is the peaceful and civilized way that voters in the US go about the business of “overthrowing the government.”

It is NOT treason. Let us be very clear about that, please. Accusing voters of treason is just plain wrong-headed.

The media continues to behave in a very irresponsible manner and I am annoyed about it because it causes little people like me to be casually and falsely accused of treason, by the perpetually befuddled and stupid people who suck down everything they read on the internet, and follow the lead of mediated reality. Mediated reality says the Russians hacked the election, therefore anyone who voted for or supports Trump is now guilty of treason.

There is no evidence what so ever that the Russians had anything to do with hacking our election. Zip, zero, zilch. There are some hearings going on asking those questions and there may well be investigations too, but these things are not evidence. 

So of course I stumble upon a couple of articles that just pour fuel on the treason hyperbole and right on schedule, I start seeing innocent people now being accused of treason.

Treason is not a funny word, nor should it be tossed about so casually.

Here are the two articles that have riled up the intertoobz,

FBI have uncovered ‘evidence of treason’ among alt-right websites, says George W Bush’s ethics lawyer

and it’s companion

FBI ‘investigating role of Breitbart and other right-wing websites in spreading fake news with bots’

The sheer number of falsehoods in these two articles is staggering, but suffice it to say, they contain everything but actual facts and evidence. They are based exclusively on gossip, rumor, inneundo, hyperbole, and opinion.

This stuff makes me crazy becasue it exploits the general public’s ignorance. “Russian bots invade US election” sounds like something out of a scary sci/fi movie but people are so ill informed they have no idea what the heck a “bot” really is. I myself have been accused of being a bot a few times, for goodness sakes. I am not a bot people, I am a human girl. A bot is short for web robot, it is software that runs automated tasks over the internet. About half of all traffic on the intertoobz is made up of bots, webcrawling about. Half! At least half.

In this imaginary scenario the Russians (and apparently US hackers too) would have allegedly designed bots to crawl about the internet planting positive links to news stories about Donald Trump and negative news links to Hillary Clinton. Also, planting some links to fake news stories, so half of America could be properly brainwashed into voting for the wrong candidate.

Even if that allegedly happened, I’m not even sure it could be called illegal. Facebook has bots, Google, Amazon, the US media, spammers, gamers, etc, etc. Your bot would have to be doing something illegal. Linking to a website? It just doesn’t pass the smell test, even if the scary Russians were doing it.

Now of course I have no idea if anyone actually created any such bots, but I totally call into question the validity of this entire witch hunt, this mass hysteria that seems to have consumed so many.

My heart literally sunk when I saw normal, rational people falling for this rubbish. What the heck? You guys know better, or so I thought.

Let’s talk about this “evidence of treason” among alt-right sites. First off, what’s an alt-right site? Whatever we want it to be. That is a huge umbrella that covers such a vast array of people, probably in the thousands. As to the evidence of treason, “The FBI is reportedly set to investigate right-wing news websites like Breitbart over allegations that they worked with Russian-backed operatives to disseminate stories favouring President Donald Trump.” That is not EVIDENCE. That is a suggestion. Mediated reality. A thought planted in your head. AKA, something more akin to gossip.

Indeed, people did “disseminate stories” favoring one candidate or another. That’s not illegal, it’s not treason, it is called an election.  It is what people do to share information, opinons, to win hearts and minds, etc.etc. Nobody needs a Russian backed operative to tell us to do that, we do it anyway. It’s kind of an American tradition, like free speech.

One could point out that the Independant, the news that wrote these articles is actually in the UK, so in theory really just a foreign entity planting fake news in the US for the purpose of sowing seeds of division and instigating citizen persecution of bloggers. I mean, they are cleary accusing US citizens of treason without any evidence while attempting to create discord, and cast shadows on our President.

I don’t know if I’d call that treason, but I ‘d certainly call it very bad manners.