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Sending up prayers for Larry Johnson  at No Quarter, ex CIA, blogger guy, often in the hot seat on controversial issues and always willing to stick his neck out and say what he thinks about things. He’s often been on the news or featured in an article somewhere, not always favorably, sometimes under attack, his integrity called into question when he stands up for things.

I’ve followed him for close to a decade now through a couple of presidential elections, assorted political scandals, and even disagreed with him on several issues. One thing I’ve really appreciate about him, he’s always been kind to me, reassuring, a good blogging friend, somewhere you can go when the world seems like it’s gone mad and nothing makes sense anymore.

I’ve landed on No Quarter more than a few times, in a complete dither about something or another, and Larry Johnson has always been there like a breath of fresh air to make you feel not so crazy. He’s kind of like one of those old fashioned gentleman, honest, shoots from the hip, full of integrity and honor, has some genuine love for his country and a sense of patriotism. The media of course is not always kind and does not reflect the Larry Johnson I have come to know over the years from reading his words and commenting.

Standing up for what you believe in and blogging about it, these things can really take a toll on you. You’re going to be attacked, often unfairly, often by people not playing by the rules. It can be hurtful. I have managed to collect perhaps a dozen articles myself saying some pretty unkind things. It is what it is, the nature of the game, not for the faint hearted, that’s for sure. On the bright side, if you haven’t managed to rattle a few cages, you’re being a slacker.

So, asking the Lord to lift up Larry Johnson, to make His countenance shine on him, to lead and guide him, and to make sure he knows that he is greatly loved by many, wherever he is.