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factsI like to offer up a political post of some sort once in a while, but I have begun and trashed the whole thing on several occasions and am making no progress what so ever. In truth I am rather befuddled and simply unable to embiggen the conversation with anything sensible because the nonsensical currently refuses to cooperate. I can not make heads or tails out of any of it.

The unkind will say I am always befuddled and confused, but all in good humor, that is simply a post for another day….

First off, it appears our current president once paid some taxes. Yes, and? Well, I am not quite sure what the “and” really is. This bit of news is Β like a joke that blows in the wind completely lacking a punchline. I have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to mean. Is there some context I am missing here, some relationship to something else I cannot see? Would somebody please explain the joke to me? I feel like the dumb person in the room.

Second we have this intelligence thing going on, basically everyone is spying on everyone else, for political purposes of course, which may or may not be legal given the circumstances, circumstance which are totally confidential…..except when they aren’t, except when they must be deliberately leaked in some act of plausible deniability.

On the bright side, 17 intelligence agencies all confirm having…. no real tangible evidence of much of anything at all, which is now a settled fact, due to their agreement on the matter. But never mind all that, one has come to accept these bizarre pronouncements from the Alphabet People. The real question is actually, who are they? I don’t really care WHAT the 17 intelligence agencies agree on not knowing, I want the WHO of the story.

WHO are these Β 17 distinct Alphabet People and why do we actually need 17 of them? What does one group do that the others cannot? Also, can you name them? Can anyone? We have the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, Homeland Security…and then my mind goes blank. I am not alone here, I actually spent about 3 hours trying to research the matter before realizing I am a complete moron for not just dropping the whole thing and taking a walk out in the sunlight.

All is not lost however, we did manage to locate at least a couple of Russian hackers, which helps the narrative a great deal. What narrative, you may ask? Dunno, really. Yahoo suffered a large data breach, and “the Russians did it,” or so say the Russians who actually caught the guys. There is some question in my mind as to how “Russian” the Russians really are, when their own government was trying to hunt them down and put them in prison. The news keeps calling them “Russian agents” and “Russians spies” which I suppose is technically true because they are from Russia. And yet they don’t appear to have been actually working for the “Russian government,” which kind of makes that “Russian agent” thing read like a lie, too. Are we speaking of genetics here, country of origin, or WHO is actually employing them? Those sort of details kind of matter to the entire storyline. In my mind a “Russian agent” is someone who works for the Russian government and not just some guy who lives in Russia and has personal AGENCY.

One of the guys who was caught back in December by the Russians, was actually charged with passing info along to the CIA! The Justice Dept has now promptly filed a lawsuit against him too, but the fact that he was actually assisting US, does call into question his precise loyalties to Russia.

Somewhat amusing, I did rediscover that spying on one’s own self is generally frowned upon in most quarters, so of you wish to save face among your peers, you do what any self-respecting person does, and simply ask the British to do it for you. (Or whoever you wish to exchange services with.) So you simply convince the British to spy on your own people and you agree to spy on theirs and then you can both just share the love and data in a less unseemly manner.

Who knew? There are actually rules and etiquette within the spy world. Sadly, like everything else in our modern world, even that is often breached.

There, I have done my best to present a political post, to embiggen the uh…. mind boggling confusion, Β and to leave you all scratching your heads in wonderment.