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There is something I must unburden myself over, this pet peeve of mine that has me twisting my hair into a little knot and fighting a twitch. This thing where some people seem to believe that if you click “like” on a post, you are fully endorsing everything that person has ever done, written, or believes, past, present, and future. God is watching too, and your very salvation depends on it.

He’s sitting above us with this giant score board going, yep, I think I’ll save that one, she clicks “like” on all the right things.Β Clearly she demonstrates her vast Christian superiority and is worthy of my redemption and protection. Unlike that other fool over there who clicks “like” on all the wrong things.

I am sorry to say, but I don’t think salvation works like that. There really is no such thing as “salvation by internet likes.” Β In fact, (gasp,) I’d call that really bad doctrine and flawed theology.

It is nearly as repulsive to me as that other bit of intertoobz Christianity where it says,“click like on this post and forward it to five friends and God will bless you.” Or the less pleasant version, “click like and share this post or God will drop a house on your flying monkeys.”

Don’t throw stones at me people, flying monkeys is just a reference to the Wizard of Oz which does have a couple of witches in it, but that does not necessarily indicate I have a fondness for witchcraft! The truth is, I’m rather disapproving of the ritualistic mouse clicking, as if you can somehow conjure up and manipulate the supernatural by performing all the right internet tasks in the proper order from behind the safety of your keyboard. Get that recipe right and God will love you. Fail and He will condemn you.

That’s just dumb. Rid your world of that rubbish.

I click “like” on many things. Sometimes I even interact with people who are shady at best. Gasp! I’ve even been known to sit down and chat with tax collectors, pharisees, prostitutes, and pornographers. (The tax collectors are still the worst through. I hate those people.)

God already knows all about it. He knows exactly what “she is like.” I talk to Him often.