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Does everyone know what trolling is? Sometimes it is the annoying person who drops by blogs simply to be an irritant, but there are paid trolls too, people who are charged with shaping public opinion, be it for a product, advertising a service, or politics. It’s a form of social engineering, marketing, manipulating public opinion.

Trolls are quite real, I assure you. By the way, if anyone is hiring I am currently unemployed….

Okay, this really cracked me up. There is another kind of troll, a prankster troll, one who simply pushes the envelope to see what he can get away with. Michael Knowles is one such troll, the Daily Wire cultural correspondent, wrote a book called, “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide.”

He published, the gag being it is 266 blank pages. What makes Michael Knowles an epic troll however, is that his book full of blank pages actually shot to the top of the list and became Amazon’s #1 best seller.

No doubt with some help from trolls.

My point is not to offend here, but rather to shine a spot light on the amazing and terrifying world of public opinion, especially as it relates to book authors, writers in general,  reviews, and marketing. What sells and how it sells.

The number one best-selling book on Amazon right now is a book full of blank pages. Think about that one for a minute.

It is a tragic state of affairs, but there has been a big bottle neck at traditional publishing houses for a number of years, almost a form of censorship that serves to deprive us of good literature. Independent publishers and self publishing has entered the scene, so that has helped to ease the blockage somewhat. It’s still a wild frontier out there and marketing is key.

Of course, I tend to look at the more emotional side of things, culture and it’s impact on us. It’s kind of sad that what we receive as a culture is not the best that humanity has to offer, in fact, the best that humanity has to offer often simply die off in quiet obscurity, unknown, unrecognized for their potential.

Now if that is not the most depressing thought ever. Like many other people I bought into this idea that we actually live in a meritocracy, that the playing field is level, that if you work hard you will beat out the competition and reap what you sow. The cream always rises to the top. Not true, the cream often falls to the bottom and curdles. Sorry.

My husband has long told me, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

It’s a mad, mad, world out there. I always admire those who think outside the box and find the loopholes, the weak spots in the chain link fence that surround our asylum.