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I have declined to a participate in any such strikes or walk outs, primarily because my husband is more likely to perceive an entire day without women as something akin to having won the lottery.

He used to do that, back in the olden days when people could actually afford to hang out in a mall all day, he would cleverly set me up by telling the kids, “Your mom’s been really wanting to go spend the day at the mall with you.” It used to drive me crazy, because checking first to see if I had any plans of my own would have been nice.

Also, shopping, crowds, roaming about aimlessly, not really my thing. It took about 15 years to convince my husband, that no seriously, shopping does not excite me. You would think he would at least be open to the idea, since he is so shopping adverse, the number of times he has actually set foot in a store can be counted on one hand. Even when he was single and needed something from the grocery store, the next step was to find someone who would go to the store for him.

I kid you not. I’ve never solved that riddle, it just is what it is.

The truth however, is that I can not possibly go on strike right now because I am heavily engaged in another fun project and if I were to let up for even a moment I would lose ground. I am busy with the baby goat project. My grown daughters caught wind of it and we have now formed a tag team. For those who don’t know, March is “Buy your Wife a Baby Goat Month.” Perhaps it is not a real holiday, but the goal here is to cast just enough doubt as to make someone wonder if perhaps they are being neglectful by not buying their wife a baby goat.

It is social engineering at it’s finest. Peer pressure. The secret of all great marketing. If you believe 9 out of ten people have actually bought their wife a baby goat this month, than your desire to go along with the herd will soon kick in. Anyone who is anyone remembers to buy their wife a baby goat this month. Everyone knows that.