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Triage, as in “the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.”

Triage as in, how do we care for and love our wounded in an effective manner?

I am sorry to say, but what we seem to do far too often on the internet is to smell blood, go in for the kill, and cannibalize the patient. Then we serve them up as BBQ while celebrating our vastly superior understanding of what it means to truly love people.

I admit to being rather horrified by this ghastly and graphic display of frequent blood-letting. It’s like the Roman Coliseum or something. Except people who follow Jesus Christ are not supposed to be, well, Romans. Romans are the ones who stuck the spear in Christ’s side. How could we possibly get those roles all confused?

Is there some biblical passage I have missed that says, “root out my wounded sheep and instruct everyone on the proper way to prepare rack of lamb?” Do we than present these masterpieces up to the Lord, as if to say, “You said feed my sheep so I have served one up, roasted all golden brown.”

Is there some passage that instructs us to devour God’s wounded and present the carcass as some kind of burnt offering? Call me crazy, but that all seems very Pagan to me.

I may well sound cynical here, but this is truly one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen in my life. It’s like uncloaking an entirely new level of total human depravity. I did not need additional convincing. I fully believe in total human depravity already.

Is it even possible to teach some Christians about triage? Is this a case of simple ignorance or is it just outright evil at work? I have a tendency to simply despair, to abandon all hope, as in anyone who bears witness to someone disclosing horrific abuse and believes the proper response is to now call them a heretic, is simply beyond all redemption.

When people persecuted Christ, He said, “forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” I can see the painful truth behind His words because if people understood what they were actually doing, if they could see the cause and effect going on, if they could grasp the significance of their actions and see the whole picture, they would be absolutely horrified by their behavior. Actually, they would realize it is they who really belong on that cross.

Is it even possible to teach some Christians about triage? Do we simply forget that the one who bled out for you on the cross is your Savior, and the one now bleeding out in front of you, that’s the patient? Your job is to simply point them to the Great Physician. Trust in Him to do the rest.