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This is not really breaking news, but I just think it’s important for people to understand that there’s a much darker side to modern-day feminism than simply women caring about other women.

I wish that was feminism because there is such a need in the world for women to relate to one another as sisters, to lift one another up. There should be a good old girl’s club like there is a good old boys club, and our focus should be on loving one another.

Unfortunately that has not been my experience with feminism, instead there are multiple other forces at play with agendas all of their own. Certainly Marxism, socialism, but much darker elements too, often using and exploiting feminism as a cover for their own agenda. It’s sad to watch because sometimes I see things go through facebook that suggest, “feminist’s unite” and dozens will grab their pink hats prepared to rally around a cause that really has nothing what so ever to do with making women’s lives better, in fact many of them do a great deal of harm.

Long ago, feminism became a brand, not unlike marking a product, “green and sustainable.” Well, I care about the environment, so I approve of anything and everything labeled “sustainable and green.” Why is it sustainable? Because we keep producing it. Why is it green? Because we put green ink on the box. Sadly, modern-day pop culture feminism is just like that. People often have no idea what they are endorsing, what they are even getting involved in,they simply support the brand.

So, two ladies who deserve an honorable mention this month, two ladies I call a feature, not a bug because they represent a darker element that has always been present within feminism, but is not often spoken of.

Donna Hylton, featured speaker at the woman’s march last month, actually kidnapped, raped, and tortured a man in a brutal and horrific crime that ended in his death 20 days later. Both of those links should come with a trigger warning, it was a graphically violent crime. Today Donna is out of prison and an activist for criminal justice, social justice, and feminism.

Rasmea Yousef Odeh is a convicted Palestinian terrorist who lied on her immigration application. She was convicted in Israel for a bombing that killed two students out shopping for groceries. As to her being in the US, well, she has yet another immigration trial coming up later this year.

Recently the Guardian published the new and improved militant feminist manifesto, designed to inspire a March 8th protest. It’s sort of masked as an anti-President Trump movement, but what struck me right off the bat is how familiar all those names are. Rasmea Yousef Odeh is there, and Angela Davis, Black Panther supporter, acquitted after a shoot out that killed the judge in 1972. These are the women who wrote the manifesto, these are the women organizing and leading the women’s marches.

These are not kind women, these are not women genuinely interested in equality or women’s rights, these are women who have a violent and brutal past. Convicted, as in proven in a court of law and not a matter of conjecture and speculation. The fact that most of them are now cloaked behind their more civilized veneers as college professors and book authors, does not erase the truth of who and what they really are, unrepentant terrorists and murderers.

I look at all the fresh young faces marching these days, all that idealism happily following behind the herd, shaking their fists in support of an agenda that 99% of them don’t even understand, and I know they cannot even hear me, that my warnings just fall on deaf ears.

Just the same, I am compelled to try. Peel back that veneer and have a look at what lays beneath, things are not always what they appear on the surface.