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Had such a lovely day yesterday renewing, refreshing my soul, taking a much-needed rest from the world. Church, worship, praise, prayer, a bible study. Took a walk with the Lord, too. Loved some people. Than I listened to all my favorite praise songs. More prayer. Made meat loaf with hubby.

I imagine a rebellious teen ager reading all that and saying, “You are the most boring person I know.”

Not at all! Worship is a cross between falling in love and sky diving. I kid you not. There is just nothing better than filling your spiritual gas tank. The more you praise Him, the more you have to be thankful for.

Today I peeked at the world, the happenings of the day I may have missed, and realized I made the right choice by missing them all. Yep, the world’s still mad. Wake me when it’s over.

Except for the dresses! I never watch the Academy Awards nor follow the foolishness there, but I do check out all the dresses. Fortunately you can do this without watching the awards at all. Here’s a pretty good link. I was pleased with the dresses this year, very pretty. Well a few were a bit cheesy, but all in all, delightful. There have been some years I have thought, if you ever see me wearing that, I better be dead and someone else dressed me.

So, an entire day of praise and worship, some awesome meatloaf, and endless ball gowns. Exactly what the Great Physician ordered.