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green-eyedPeople scare me sometimes, they do, but they make me angry, too. Teh Stoopid makes me angry. Sometimes I think I live at ground zero where we actually manufacture Teh Stoopid in factories, mass-produced or something.

This is not a very charitable post, but you’ll have to indulge me here. If I don’t vent I’m liable to turn into one of those really mean old people who screams, “get off my lawn” and tries to spray people with the hose. That’s really not charitable, either.

So first off we have this new thing called,  ‘Post-election stress disorder’ sweeps the nation.” People so plugged into the news, social media, mediated reality, that they actually are becoming trauma victims. IB has been warning about that since forever. TV, social media, the news, these things are designed to brainwash you. They are social engineering in action. Click bait designed to trigger your emotional bliss hits. Believe it or not, anger is actually a “bliss hit.” So is fear.

Yes, we can become addicted to our own brain chemistry! Ask a porn addict how that works. So if you feel like a trauma victim whose brain has just been raped, that is because it has been. Here’s the catch though, you are not a victim, you are consenting to this somewhat masochistic trauma, over and over again. Stop, unplug and go take a walk. Get some exercise. Do whatever you have to do to bring a sense of perspective and balance back into your life.

Do not, I repeat, do not join a support group where people will tell you, “You’re so brave!” You’re not brave, you’re stupid. If I consented to so much brain rape I developed PTSD, I’d be stupid, not brave.

Our next bit of teh stoopid comes from the witches, wannabees, and dabblers,  “‘Witches’ unite worldwide to take on Trump in bizarre ritual”  This is so stupid, and also downright evil. I would caution those dabblers, the world has a very reflective nature about it. It’s a bit like a mirror. What you put out there tends to have a habit of coming back around and biting you in the behind. So if you’re going to engage in ritualistic negativity, chances are pretty good you’ve just invited something much nastier into your own life.

That’s the very epitome of teh stoopid.

The actual word for “witchcraft” in the bible is pharmakeia, the same word we get pharmaceuticals from. Witchcraft is not this disney-fied modern perception of rebellious women in pointy hats. Pharmakeia actually originated from court intrigue, quests for power, those who would use spells, rituals, and drugs, to brainwash and manipulate people into doing stupid things against their will.

A bit like facebook….

In the modern world it sure starts to look a whole lot like an unholy alliance has sprung up between social engineering, the entire psychological industry, and prescription drugs. Pharmakeia. For some added fun on this carousel ride to hell, I guess we just toss in a few rebellious women in pointy hats out dancing naked in the moonlight.

There, I’ve just solved all the world’s problems. Don’t be stupid. That will be 39.95 please. The only prescription I have to offer is more leafy green vegetables and frequent walks out in the sunlight.