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troll-2A troll on the internet is “one who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”  

Over the years I have actually developed a deep admiration and appreciation for trolls, not the mean-spirited kind that simply sow pointless chaos and engage in nasty personal attacks, but those who actually champion free speech by saying provocative things and pushing the envelope.

I call this trolling for brain cells, as in those dedicated to making people think. They don’t always get it right, sometimes the ideas they present cross the line from provocative to simply ugly and annoying, but sometimes there are some real treasures hidden in their words.

We have a troll locally who has popped up a few times, attempting to comment on newspapers, facebook, and a couple of websites. He is often quickly deleted, but I have caught site of him a few times and he has caught me off guard and made me laugh. He is definitely a “he,” as in a bit rough around the edges and boldly plain-spoken. He often says things I, and I know others, were actually thinking, but dare not speak of in polite company.

Free speech is not so “free” these days and this guy has really driven that point home by challenging what is so ironically labeled as “tolerance.” The other day he posted, “When are you going to get over your deep-seated man issues and start enjoying life?” I about sprayed coffee all over my computer screen, and while the response to him was “disgusting, deplorable, and misogynist,” he really nailed it and sent me into a fit of laughter.

That really was the root of the issue, some deep-seated man-issues attempting to manifest themselves as public policy. Like the anger, contempt and resentment was so palpable and yet people were acting as if they were just being virtuous, noble, attempting to create social justice that would in fact be anything but “just.” I truly wish we had never invented the saying, “the personal is political” because no it is not, sometimes the personal is simply personal. Not everyone’s personal craziness must be manifested into mandated social change and enforced compliance.

IB is not a big fan of forced compliance and endless social mandates. In fact, I tend to get a bit defiant over the paper bag tax, the banning of disposable coffee cups, and light bulb restrictions.

So, today I am expressing some troll love, some deep-seated admiration for the mischief of the trouble makers who dare to push the envelope for a nobler cause. Make no mistake, there must be something nobler about your cause, something I can recognize as a desire to set fire to some critical thought, with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

Love a troll today. Also, rub their fuzzy little heads, it’s supposed to bring good luck.