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I have added a link to the bottom of my blog because I am a poor, starving, unemployed blogger, and tips are always most appreciated.

I am joking about bail money, (I hope) because as far as far as I know, I am not about to get arrested. It wouldn’t matter anyway, here in the 9th circuit of hell you have to wait for the judge to show up and on a holiday weekend that can mean four days before anyone bothers to remember you actually have Constitutional rights. Of course, with my luck I’d probably just get kidnapped by Russian trolls anyway, in which case bail money isn’t going to be of much use…..

So, the little kitty is down in the black footer at the bottom of this blog looking sad. Also, if you are related to me or I gave birth to you and you owe me money, feel free to pay me back. I’ve made it convenient or rather technology has.



                                                                Send Bail Money…