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snakeI found this on facebook and it made me laugh. It also reminded me of this dance hubby and I have been dancing together for many years.

What would you do if you found this snake in the kitchen? I would calmly vacate the kitchen and cede the critter his territory. I may well leave the house entirely and notify hubby that there is a problem. I would probably say something snide like, “Well that figures. That’s just lovely. Now there’s a snake in my kitchen. What else is new?” I have found strange things in my kitchen before, an entire flock of chickens, a vicious dog, broken pipes….

Surprise, shock, panic? Nope. I tend to follow Murphy’s law far better than I follow Kingdom Law. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. God has looked down on me a few times and said, Who is this Murphy guy and why are you worshiping him and not me? Seriously, God is a jealous God for a reason, as in He loves me too much to leave me in that negative state, always chasing Murphy’s law.

Murphy’s law is all about self-protection, avoiding disappointment, a coping strategy. God’s law is all about, “I’ll protect you and I’ll never leave you or forsake you.”

I am completely unruffable, something that has caused this dance between hubby and I, a delightful dance, but one where he is completely baffled by my lack of panic when he believes I should panic, and my panic when he believes all is well. We are so complementary, as in complete opposites. So he dances one way and I dance along with him…in reverse, which is really how it’s suppose to work because you can play off of one another’s strengths and weaknesses. We complete one another, which sounds foolish and romantic, but there is truth there. Where I am weak, he is strong, and vice versa.

I spend a great deal of time encouraging him, reassuring him, bringing some calm to our lives, so it is quite delightful when he turns the tables on me. “Chillax” is what the kids used to say to us, when the last thing they should be doing is “chillaxing,” as if telling your parents to chill after they’ve just discovered you were driving 90 miles an hour down the wrong side of the freeway or something, is going to help anyone to “relax.”

The other day I was quite stirred up and hubby simply said, “chillax.” Chill, all will be well. I got this. Ahh, music to my ears indeed and quite funny, because that would be his response to a giant snake in the kitchen, too. Chillax, I got this, I’m even looking forward to it.

One good thing about Murphy’s law however, it led to the invention of “resistentialism,” this rather comedic merging of existentialism with the “seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects said to exhibit a high degree of malice toward humans.” Resistentialism, our human struggles with the perceived perversity of the universe, where even inanimate objects are sometimes out to get us. That is what happens to humans when we try to lean too much into our own understanding.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”-Proverbs 17:22