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So Scott at American Dad wrote a post called “taking crazy pills” in which he responds to some blog criticism from Two Birds and Stone.  For those who don’t know Scott is a manospherian, bit of a red pill, but he and several others have been very helpful at putting a human face on men’s rights, marriage, family, Christian values. A human face, as in I’m far more prone to be empathetic and to listen to people who actually, well, act like a human.

The other day he did an excellent post called Yalom, psychoeducation and the Russians. It was in response to some of Dalrock’s writings on the Duluth model. I found it to be balanced, reasonable, comforting even. It put my mind to rest that he actually understands that yes, there are indeed a few psychos in the world and women may need protection from them. Yes, our response to domestic violence is a mess and yes, once the system gets involved all common sense tends to go out the window, and men are often unfairly targeted.

I tend to get really irritated with people like Dalrock, Tomassi, and one reason for that is because I think they can have some valid points but it is often so lost in ugliness, in an insistence that women are the enemy, in an unwillingness to be respectful. I snapped at a guy the other day because he was so rude, so vile, I was thinking good, I hope the whole system screws you over. Not only do I not care about your issues, I hope a heap of trouble comes down on you. Now perhaps that’s not very nice, but on the other hand some of these guys can get pretty darn vile. Why should I care about you when you so obviously are unwilling to care about anyone else?

Not all mind you. There are also those willing to put a human face on what they believe and the future they desire for marriage, families, men. There are some men who have been very gracious. I appreciate those guys a great deal because I share their concerns, I share their goals, I share their committment to healthy marriages and healthy families.

Scott says, “So my question really is, is it worth it?….I think I am doing something good, but sometimes I’m not sure.” That would be a resounding yes. He and his little family has made me smile, has encouraged me, has made me want to care about these things again. So yes, he does a good thing.