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I found that search term, one that has come across my desk half a dozen times this week, to be incredibly funny. Tragic, painful, but darkly humorous just the same. Painful because does it even have to be asked? Is this not a given? An established fact? Are we not all on the same page here? We are not. There is some significant confusion and doubt out in the world.

So much for our sex ed efforts. Whatever it is we’re teaching, we’re creating even more confusion. “do women and men biologically fit together?”

As I write this, I have been exposed to relentless advertising of Katie Couric’s Nat’l Geographic special, the Gender Revolution. Gender apparently, is now a revolution as in we are all revolting against biology. As the special tells us, these gender things are allegedly complex and you can’t be certain of anything. I often wonder how that kind of uncertainty impacts our children? I mean, the message is clear, you can’t count on anything, including your perception of the biological truth of your own gender. We are attempting to spotlight a rare disorder that affects a tiny fraction of the population but selling this idea that we all suffer from that disorder. Also, it’s not a “disorder,” it’s a revolution.

I’m a grown up, but when I hear that gender is totally a social construct, that we no longer believe women and men biologically fit together, it induces some anxiety. I keep thinking, male and female He made them, but they forgot and believing themselves wise, they became fools, forgot how to reproduce, died out  and went the way of the dinosaurs. Such dystopian fantasies are unlikely to ever come to pass, but just the same, you follow this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion and that is where we eventually arrive.

Given this relentless march of propaganda and political correctness, it is no wonder that we actually have people Googling, do women and men biologically fit together?” People who had the misfortune of landing on my blog, seeking answers to their question, a question that I must unequivocally answer with a resounding “yes,” as in the biological truth of that reality is reflected in nature all around us.