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All in good humor here, but all is well and I am in no need of actual condolences, I simply received a very nice political email from a stranger in a nearby county. He and I had both commented on a news article, so he shot me an email and it caught my fancy.

“My deepest condolences that you are forced to live in a county run by such complete morons…..” I snorted coffee out of my nose and that was only the first sentence. The rest of it laid on some much-needed, over the top sympathy, quite charming and apologetic throughout. It was exactly what I needed and warmed the cockles of my heart.

I sometimes simply go from groan to groan, from eye roll to eye roll, when it comes to local politics, and don’t always pay attention to how darkly frustrated I really am, how this black cloud is often hanging over me because of the sheer futility of it all.

I believe the comment I made that triggered this response was something along the lines of “rubbish, this is just pathetic and stupid.” As you can see, a well researched and thoughtful comment indeed, full of depth and detail…okay perhaps not.

We of course are a sanctuary city without being a sanctuary city formally, something reaffirmed yet again by various officials all proudly voting for yet another completely meaningless committment to “tolerance” and “human rights.” Meaningless because its sole purpose is to formally object to Trump’s immigration order and to virtue signal our local leader’s vast moral superiority when it comes to all things “tolerant.” Meaningless because it does nothing to serve the needs of anyone locally. It is nothing more than political posturing. Also, highly convoluted in rhetoric and political correctness, as in our leaders strongly affirm the human rights of the LGBT community, because of course that is exactly what the immigration issue is all about, gender identity and sexuality.

I so want to deal locally with issues that really matter, like the rampant meth and heroin problem,the staggering 3rd world poverty, record-breaking unemployment, the fact that it takes an act of congress and a team of lawyers to build a business here, the fact that our state is 50th in the nation for addressing mental health issues, and 48th in the nation when it comes to child abuse and our foster care system. A situation so bad, so dire, our own government is currently trying to figure out how to get the problem out from under the hands of…. government.

We care, so, so much about human rights and tolerance, just not the human rights of families, or children, or the working class or the poor or the mentally ill. In truth we don’t care about human rights at all, we care about being perceived as “caring,” but only caring about protected groups deemed worthy to be cared about. We certainly don’t believe in taking care of our own, that would be well, heteronormative or a violation of some intersectionality of oppression somewhere, or something.

I grow weary sometimes about the futility of it all, the sense of powerlessness, the awareness that not only do our local leaders not care, they don’t even see me. I am completely invisible to them. The bubble people I call them, because they will always exist in their own bubble and I will always exist outside of it, and we will never solve the problems that people refuse to see.

But this morning some stranger saw me and cared enough to send some encouragement my way. Such things keep me sane. That’s hope.