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Someone smart once said that millennials were the social media generation, so what they fear the most is their own insignificance, their own  lack of purpose, their own regrets and failures. This is the generation we tried to put in the best pre-schools, as if your preschool attendance will totally dictate your success or failure later in life. To reinforce this idea and tinge it with a bit of envy, they grew up on social media seeing other people’s perfect lives. So they only hear the good news, about how awesome everyone’s life is. They see all the perfect selfies….. and not the 75 other attempts to force a photo to bend to your will.

In our quest to hand out participation trophies and increase self-esteem, we helped to create some real insecurities, some standards and expectations that just aren’t real. I see this suffering in my middle kids, they say things like “everyone who is anyone,” has this thing or looks this way. It’s an odd juxtaposition because their mom is totally from the wrong side of the tracks, so “everyone who is anyone” is probably a closet hoarder with an addiction to alcohol and roving hands. And the rich people up on the hill? Oh man, those people can show you how human dysfunction is really done. The only thing different there is that they can actually fund their wounding and brokenness.

You know what millennials need more than anything else? Faith, a relationships with Jesus Christ. He is the one who makes you “good enough,” He is the one who sees the flaws and imperfections and loves us anyway, and He is the one who adds meaning and purpose to our life. In Him we have our being, our significance so to speak.

I find myself talking to a lot of millennials about “real life,” the disconnect there being so profound. Everyone’s life is supposed to be perfect, right on down to whether or not you recycle and what kind of food you eat. Is that organic free range chicken with gluten-free sauce…. or are you a despicable person?

To the horror of my kids and what friends I have left, I always make an effort to talk about real life, the mess and chaos of it all, the imperfections and things that are beyond our control. There’s so much loneliness out there, unmet self expectations, insecurity.

So, at the moment I am unemployed, trying to recover from the flu, and there’s snow on the ground. I had one of those bugs were regaining your strength means for today’s adventure let’s see if we can push through and spend 30 minutes sitting upright in the living room. My husband, bless his heart, has not yet caught it which is a good thing indeed because he’s the only one working right now.

I have been lounging about drinking tea, lots and lots of tea, and hubby has been looking after me…sort of. He’s been looking after himself and the kids, but the other day he brought me…bacon, onion rings, and chocolate. Now that’s true love right there. There is no truer love than bacon, onion rings, and chocolate.

There is also nothing more revolting when you are recovering from the flu. What can you say though, that’s true love. The man set his love offerings down before me and I cuddled them all night because I sure as heck don’t plan to eat them.