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alice2I follow Jesus Christ first and foremost in all things. Sometimes however, I also play at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,  chasing the White Rabbit. Chasing the White Rabbit, also known as seeking signs of intelligent life in the human world.

I have to tell you, that’s not so easy. Seems like it gets harder and harder with every passing year. Most of us are a bit off the wall and getting stranger by the minute.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is one of my favorites. I like the way his mind works, but it’s bit like walking along happily with him, looking over, and the poor guy  has just fallen down a manhole. His thinking is so clear, he comes so close, and then whoosh, he’s fallen into a hole and disappeared. Makes me absolutely crazy.

Women are awesome too, I enjoy a lot of what they write. Women do not ever fall down rabbit holes, they tend to bunny hop, bouncing from one idea to the next, gracefully hopping over all those rabbit holes that might trip them up. Women are not any better than men however, not when it comes to being healthy and well adjusted. You’ll be happily chatting away, look over, and suddenly she’s dressed like a giant pink taco while lecturing you about the importance of human dignity.

Sigh. Yes, giant pink tacos are a real thing in my world, as in someone demanded to know why there were women dressed up like giant pink tacos protesting on their TV. I didn’t have the heart or the immodesty to try to explain it. Also, how do you even begin to explain such things? Giant pink tacos it is. Makes just as much sense as anything else.

My cynicism can get the best of me sometimes, as well as my impatience. I ‘d like to leave the world of Alice in Wonderland and speak to you of the “real world,” but this is the real world and it is pretty darn nutty sometimes.