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Polarity is one of my favorite things. It means, “the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.” Hot and cold, male and female, negative and positive.

“Opposites, or perhaps more accurately, “complements” do attract,” or so says Psychology Today. They’re quite right, that’s what gives our life flavor, that’s what makes our relationships with one another exciting. If you don’t think polarity is exciting, you’ve never crossed the cables on a car battery.

I love how they use the words “complements” as in, in marriage we complement one another. There is polarity there, male and female he made them. The world we are living in today is really pushing egalitarianism, gender fluidity, sameness, all things that tend to erase our natural gender polarity. We’re suffering as a result, we’re attempting to go outside of our natural biology and not honoring our own design.

It’s not just in relationship struggles and declining marriage rates that we see this problem however, it’s also in faith. We’re losing our polarity. There is good and evil in the world, but so often we just pretend the evil doesn’t exist or maybe it’s just misunderstood. In many places, our faith now has no edge, no more polarity, so sin, evil, hell, have all been replaced by more pleasant things. Like coloring for Christ. Or the Unitarians are big where I live, and Christ Himself became the polarity that had to be removed.

It is actually polarity that attracts men and women, that keeps us interested in one another, just as it is polarity that attracts people to faith. Coloring is fine, but eventually we will lose interest and walk away. It lacks polarity. It lacks purpose and mission. And without the polarity, why do I even need Salvation? Salvation from what?

I empathize with this because for many years God really covered my eyes, kept a hedge around me. I’d just seen too much bad stuff, so while I had a relationship with Christ, I didn’t really have a deep and abiding dependence on Him, and I was somewhat stunted, stuck. Hell was just a metaphor, if it existed at all.

I say stunted because I just was not whole, I was blind and repressed, suppressed perhaps. Not free. I didn’t really build intimacy and a desperate need for Jesus Christ until He took His hands off my eyes for just a second and it changed everything. It sent me into a complete tailspin of fear and panic actually, but suddenly I understood the polarity between good and evil. Evil is not a metaphor, evil is a tangible, intelligent thing and we desperately need a Savior and His protection.

In Job, God has a hedge around him and the enemy couldn’t get at him without God’s permission. Much of the world is like that, like me once, not even seeing the hedge of protection around us, not even knowing what lurks on the other side.

Polarity is actually a good thing, a thing we must nurture and cherish, because to lose our polarity is to become lifeless in our marriages, in faith, and in the world around us. Let me tell you, when God crosses your battery cables for you, no one ever says faith is boring anymore. No one asks why they need a Savior. Nobody questions whether or not sin is a problem in the world.