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Sometimes I dream of starting a Witless Protection Program, protecting stupid people from the nature of their own selves. I am a stupid people myself once in a while, so it is not as if I mean that harshly, it is just the truth.

The internet is a huge problem in my world, really a new technology, a wild and unrestrained frontier that people don’t fully understand. So, if you can get yourself into trouble with a ordinary kitchen toaster, you can really make a mess of your life on the internet.

I also work with vulnerable people, the mentally ill, disabled, elderly, lonely people really. The young, the old, well actually I mean everybody. Everybody is capable of doing foolish things. It’s very frustrating, I should very much like to help, to serve, to teach, but there’s this idea in people’s heads that I know nothing, that computers are foreign to me, that I have no skillz. So my offers to help are always met with eye rolls, stay away from my computer you don’t know what you’re doing. Alas, I am pitifully misunderestimated.

The other day I nearly snapped back, “Listen buddy, I’m not the one that has over drawn my bank account talking to my Russian girl friend for 6 hours straight at a 1.99 a minute.” 

Young people like to post an announcement on facebook,  “Here’s my address, I’ll be gone from my house on these dates, left the back door open in case anyone wants to feed my cat.” Does that seem sensible to you? Is it wise to post such details potentially handing 7 billion people access to your now unlocked home? Are you hoping all the bad guys will just cover their eyes and politely look away? Well obviously this girl is just too stupid to rob, let’s go somewhere else?

Kids, oh kids are so cute and who doesn’t want to plaster their photos all over the place? One glimpse into a predatory pedophile hole and you’ll never post another photo again.

I’ve met this lovely Nigerian man and I need you to drive me to the bank…..People don’t respond well when you inform them we’ve all met our Nigerian Prince at some point or another and I just can’t help you do this thing……to yourself.

On line shopping, where for some odd reason, people believe they must now pass out their credit card number to every nice man who phones or texts or emails asking for it. One woman must have typed those numbers in 50 different places. For crying out loud, you bought a pair of socks 6 months ago! Nobody still needs your billing information.

People often seem to believe everything they post on the internet is private. No one will ever see this but “my friends.” Once more, that is nonsense, anything you say can and will be used against you by hackers, drama queens, profiteers, and the legal system alike. Is our children learning? They is not. Privacy is an illusion.

I have a heart for stupid people, the perpetually foolish, the vulnerable and the lonely, but I have to let it all go, I cannot protect them from the nature of themselves, I can do nothing more than watch in horror and perhaps grim fascination as they find new and inventive ways to totally decimate their finances, socially embarrass themselves, and become acquainted with the total depravity of mankind.