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“Out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the sky, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called a living creature, that was its name.” -Genesis 2:20

Sometimes it can get a bit frustrating, there are many false teachings in the world, false movements, cults, etc, so when we Christians discover something we really dislike, we tend to reject it completely, flee it’s entirety, set the thing on fire, and throw the whole baby out with the bath water.

“Name it and Claim it,” is one such ideology, methodology, praxeology, whatever you want to call it, that many people take issue with. I don’t want to defend such things, I just want to point out that sometimes the baby goes out with the bath water. We go from, “I don’t like this movement” to “I will never name and claim anything, ever.”

Adam named the animals. He named Eve,too. Adam didn’t actually “create” anything in a literal sense, but he was given full power and authority to name it. And God says He “brought them to the man to see what he would call them.”  Adam did not pull elephants out of thin air, but gave them their narrative, he wrote their story, He named them. Adam, designed in the image of His Creator, is a creator himself. One with some limits and boundaries, but a creator just the same. He is called to worship, but he is also called to create, to name things around him and claim them as his own. To put his mark on them so to speak, to create a narrative.

The words we speak over one another,over our circumstances, really matter. We are called to name things, and to write our own narratives about them. Hopefully we are called to do this in a way that is pleasing to God, in a manner that affirms who and what He is and what He has given us.

We don’t get extra credit points for abandoning our own imaginations, for proudly declaring ourselves to be exclusively reality based in all things, and for saying an elephant is just an elephant, it has a nose, and nothing to do with me at all.

There are some Christians who are very reformed, so, so very reformed, they fear story telling itself, perceive all narratives as sinful, consider imagination of the devil, want all fiction that is not pure and Godly banned, and are quite fearful of what I call subjective truth. I mean, if we can name things anything we want, what’s to stop us from naming bad things good and good things bad?

That is a completely valid point and we see evidence of this playing out in the world all around us, just as the bible says it will.  However, what we sometimes forget is that Truth is not going anywhere, Truth is already seated in victory at the right hand of the Father. Like a good father, He has already placed boundaries and limitations on us. Then there is Divine Providence, Divine Will. Every Christian in the world could march off a cliff like a bunch of wildebeests and yet God’s will is still going to prevail.

A far greater danger is how we fail to claim our own power and authority and limit God’s ability to give us life and life abundant. God is all-powerful He could just force it on us but He usually doesn’t, He’s a gentleman, He offers it to us gently. Here are the things I have given you, name them. Here is the authority I am handing you, use it. Here is my narrative, now write your own in a way that honors Me….or not.

Speak life over the things in your world, name them and claim His promises.

I am one of those reality based people to, so if it looks like a crap sandwich, name it for what it is, but don’t stop there, claim it for what it could be. It could be a crap sandwich… or it could be God’s refining fire.

To fear or deny our God-given authority to name it and claim it, to write narratives over our own lives and the lives of others, as if we are proudly worshiping at the altar of truth, is a deception all of its own, almost an idolatrous affair with our own reason. Like all idolatrous things, all it really does is serve to separate us from God’s power in our lives.

We ourselves are a song, a story once spoken into existence, a narrative being written. God has given us the power of His word, He has reinforced that power by calling Himself the Word, and He has told us that life and death itself rests in the power of our very own tongues. It’s shame to reject such gifts.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” -Proverbs 18:21