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A chant I heard more than a few times from the woman’s march yesterday was, “we gave birth to this nation and we can unbirth it.” That saying was not just entwined with reproductive rights, but also with climate change, transgender rights, Black Lives Matter, and opposition to President Trump. It reminds me a bit of the old-fashioned saying, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out.” That’s a somewhat comical saying on the surface if it is never acted on, but in its literal context, “to take someone out” means to murder them, in this case, our own children. That is called speaking death over someone, rather than speaking life.

“We gave birth to this nation and we can unbirth it.”

Unrestrained, unrooted, female power is actually kind of scary. It has no limitations, no boundaries. All in good humor here, but read my about page, I have  fled women dressed as giant pink lady bits before, I know of what I speak.. You just cannot reason with estrogen fueled outrage any better than you can with testosterone fueled outrage.

There is something about the nature of female power that has two sides to it, the power to create and nurture, what I call speaking life into the world, and the power to completely destroy, to tear down and dismantle everything around us, often in a murderous rage. I sometimes say maternal instincts are the most powerful force in the world, which is why we know not to tangle with mother bears in the wilderness.

With such awesome, life affirming power, comes responsibility, too. Unrestrained, unrooted, female power can just spray bullets across a field not even carrying if it hits the broad side of a barn or some innocent standing in its way. Which brings me back to “unbirthing a nation.” Unbirthing a nation that has granted women more freedom and rights than any other place in the world, all through human history? Is that even wise?

Unbirthing the same nation that protects and defends us, that grants us the freedom to march and protest in such huge numbers some people were in danger of being trampled on? Unbirthing the very definition of what it means to be female? Unbirthing our own off spring and denying our sacred power to bring life into the world?

Also, I must say I was somewhat hurt by all the declarations that “we are the people,” and “we are the true representatives of  womanhood in America.” I am once again left out, cast aside becasue you do not represent me, nor do you represent all the the women who actually voted for Trump, a majority I might remind you, which is why he is now in office. A woman as his campaign director, the first one ever, could actually be said to have given birth to his election.

My pleas are going to fall on deaf ears as they always do, but women really do have a sacred calling in the world, we are called to speak life into the world. It is an area where we must find ourselves and lead the way forward. We are like spring time, female power is all about regeneration, renewal, not destruction, death, and the unbirthing of a nation.