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“A wife is called by God to perform the very same services that a maid, a nanny and a sex slave would be expected to do toward a man.”

Biblical Gender Roles


It is times like this I must simply plead the Blood of Christ. Love covers a multitude of sins, and the love of Christ has washed away all sins, past, present and future. Like the sin of suddenly having a deep and abiding admiration for Jael and her tent stake.

I share this today simply to make people aware of the fact that there are thousands of these really negative, NOT life affirming, false scriptural teachings in the world, that often revolve around outright hatred and contempt of women.

These things are not healthy for either men or women, not firmly rooted in scripture, nor do they reflect the mind of Christ.

Next up on my offense scale we have state Senator Dan Foreman introducing a bill calling for first degree murder charges for women procuring abortions, as reported by Pastor Wilson, who seems to have some enthusiasm for the idea.  Execution of women, because nothing says pro-life better then gleefully indulging in a bit more blood lust. I know how to fix this tragedy! Let’s just kill all the women who manage to self impregnate themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.

I call this kind of thing soul murder, as in it becomes blatantly obvious to anyone on the outside looking in that your so called Christian love for your sisters has begun to take on a much uglier element, one far more rooted in revenge and hatred than anything resembling grace.