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Pastor Randy continues his series on “Ten Things That are Killed the Church,” with the subject of false humility and some charming and amusing references to the Nones and the Dones.

Today I wish to spin-off of that post a bit because that is where my heart is too, with those I call the unchurched church. That is where I see God working, a renewal, a revival coming from. I’ve always loved The Way we are the church, we the people who follow Jesus Christ. Get it, The Way? Christianity was once called The Way. I often think of “The Way We Are The Church,” because it helps me to remember this is not a spectator sport, here.

Church is not actually a building or an institution. Besides, who wants to go to an institution? I jest here, but when I think of an institution I think of something more akin to a prison, institutional green-grey where they assign you a number and everything is very impersonal. Also, there are massive amounts of bureaucracy and paperwork. That’s a given.

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the unchurched church, trying to reach out to some of them, and I’ve heard things that have really broken my heart because I see can the truth behind some of their words like, “Church is where faith goes to die.” That one hit me in the gut, and I so wanted to say, “that isn’t true, I know a place that nurtures faith!” Unfortunately I too was between churches at the time and for the life of me could not seem to find one for myself, let alone for anyone else….

I live in the most secular county in the state, the second or third most secular county in the entire country, based on those claiming unaffiliated when it comes to religion. Just the same I feel the presence of a huge unchurched church lurking in the shadows here, all ye covert Christ followers, ye unaffiliated, secret closet praying people. I’ve put my faith in their existence a few times, during elections, during community crisis. I’ve said, “Nope, the unchurched church is going to see this for what it is and the Holy Spirit will move them to respond accordingly.”

Thank God for the unchurched church, I’m telling you. Invisible though they may be.

Which brings me to false humility, a frequent nemesis of mine. Or as I call it, fear, panic and hysteria. “Lord, I’m unworthy. Lord, this is not my comfort zone. Can’t you find someone qualified? I really don’t think this is good idea.” A few times God has simply dropped me on my head in the strangest places and insisted I speak up. It’s felt a bit like being shoved out of an airplane, or tossed in a lake as if to say, here just learn to swim.

Ah, pride, fear…. false humility. I really get that. Lord, let the people who are actually qualified do this thing! And yet I know, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

I really see that going on in the world right now, a movement afoot, God at work busy qualifying the called. The unchurched church, the Nones and Dones. A whole lot of people are being called to step out in faith, right here, right now. God’s perfect timing at work once again. If it happens to you, just try to remember,  God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.