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Facebook is stalking me like some giant and perverse Artificial Intelligence that has begun to take on a form of maniacal sentience. Is it alive? Is it real? What are it’s intentions?

I know, I know, dump facebook. I could jot down all the evil implications and  fill a note-book in a matter of minutes, but I am grimly fascinated, kind of like how one can’t look away from a train wreck.

They are totally messing with my mind, trying to sell me teeshirts with my precise birthday on them. Targeting ads for where I live. They know things, they watch me. They appeal to me personally in that disembodied text box, asking me how I feel, what are you doing? The other day I was speaking about a vacation, visiting a place, and now I’ve got ads for that place popping up every where.

In casual conversation not even on FB, I mentioned “I could just kill you.” Just a joke folks, a metaphorical kill, like the way a pair of shoes might be to die for. Instantly, bail bondsmen, criminal defense attorneys, how to get away with murder,etc etc.

Now you know what bored bloggers do,we play chess with facebook algorithms, we try to mess with their minds for a change, we launch our own game of psy-ops and challenge them to a duel. I’ve come to the conclusion however, that there must be some human people in this equation, becasue a computer cannot actually “think,” not on it’s own. It cannot recognize all the subtleties of human communication, it cannot make moral judgements. Somebody of a biological nature is making some moral judgements, profiling you, creating a dossier, deciding what they want you to see and not see, and toying with your emotions to create a desired response. Directing how you should think, using simple rewards and punishments, a bit amusing really, if it wasn’t so darn creepy.

I managed to play their game and get my fireworks the other day, like one might get their fire works after winning at a game of solitaire. Dozens of little biological bliss hits  came at me, all designed to hit the pleasure centers of your brain. Fireworks, praise, affirmations….nope, nope, don’t go in that direction, here be dragons. 

They’ve really leveled up the game in the past few months and they’ve grown far smarter than me. All in good humor, I suppose they were always smarter than me, but my ability to toy with them is becoming much less effective. They’re on to me.

I tell the kids, I tell the young people, psy-ops in a real thing in the world. Pay attention to how they are playing with your mind online, but of course they don’t believe me,they have no idea what I am even talking about. It’s all just some vague conspiracy theory, and besides, we all want to think the “right” things any way, to march along as part of the herd, to fit in. Few of them care that they are being herded, programmed and taught. They just want to fit in, to belong.

I can show you the articles, FB confessing to having conducted experiements, FB censoring “fake news,” FB engaging in psy-ops and brainwashing, but of course when these things don’t set off any alarm bells within people, it all just falls on deaf ears.

If I ever win the lottery, I think I would really enjoy suing the heck out of facebook. Brain rape, it’s a real thing in the world.