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From the Irish Times,

Online idiots of the far right and hard left turn on their own 

Today’s alt-righters and SJWs have far more in common than they care to know

Precisely! How come I have to go all the way to the Irish Times, to an obscure opinion piece, to find something sensible about this state of affairs?

Here’s an apt quote, “How did this happen? Many of the younger digital warriors either got “woke” or took the “red pill” this year in response to the political battles royal raging around them. These would be the initiation ceremonies for the SJWs (that’s social justice warriors) and their digital counterparts, the alt-right.”

On the bright side, in my opinion anyway, while the keyboard warriors and infantile children have been so pre-occupied with trying to out do one another in the stupidity department, the mainstream media seems to have lost control of the entire cultural narrative. That cheers me up immensely.

It’s kind of like watching a giant 3 way cultural temper tantrum, both horrifying and fascinating at the same time.

He concludes with, “Both engage in peer-to-peer meme warfare, both believe that you need to infect the media before the media infects you, and both have totalitarian skeletons in their closets.”

Yes! I am all about firmly nailing the closet door shut on all those totalitarian skeletons. I already believe in the total depravity of mankind. No need to reinforce that lesson.