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Now hold up here! This sounds pretty darn good on the surface and I’m likely to just give it an amen…if it weren’t for that little nudging whisper, that remnant of motherly love that still rears it’s ugly head and roars in the back ground every now and then.

To start, I’m the first one to admit there are probably some messed up mothers out there, some who taught their daughters how to compete rather than how to love, who taught them how to hate their own bodies. Yeah, that’s probably a real thing in the world, but THAT SURE WASN’T ME!

Oh no I remember, I said over and over again “girls stand together, girls don’t tear one another apart.” Real women don’t compete. You are not your sexuality, it does not define you. Your body is awesome. Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Hold hands with your sisters when you cross the street. THAT’S WHAT I TAUGHT.

Turn that crap off it’s rotting your brain. THAT’S WHAT I TAUGHT.

Don’t let the culture define who you are. THAT’S WHAT I TAUGHT.

Listen to your mother, I’ve been around the block. THAT’S WHAT I TAUGHT.

This is what I hate about feminism, feminism stepped up and taught you something all different. Feminism stepped in and taught you, you are your sexuality, so wield it like power…. and give it away freely. Hook up all you want, in fact, have sex with people you don’t even like for reasons you can’t even fathom! Nothing says you know your own mind and your own will better then…… proving over and over again that you really don’t.

Feminism said, compete with men, with women, always obsessing over how oppressed and downtrodden you are compared to the others. Feminism taught you to hate your body, how to cut your hair, how to poke holes in your nose, how to wrap your body in layers of shame. How to deny your own femininity.

Heck, feminism taught you you’re so stupid, you actually have to be taught these things! You had to be taught that the world is a dark and dangerous place, that you are prey, that your body is bad, that women compete with you and that men hate you. 

That IS NOT what I taught.

She’s not my daughter, the gal who posted that, nor the gals who liked it, but they might as well be, all those girls, all grown now, sitting around lamenting about how the world would be a better place if only someone had TAUGHT THEM. Woe is me, if only I didn’t hate myself….

Someone DID TEACH YOU, someone taught you exactly that, how to love fiercely, don’t compete, how to embrace your all encompassing femininity WITHOUT APOLOGY.

You WERE TAUGHT to be strong, fierce, independent thinkers, not passive lamenters bemoaning your pathetic and sad lot in life.

You WERE TAUGHT! Now get up, go forth and teach the others……

Gah, don’t ever let your mother on facebook, she’s libel to just start pitching teacups at people’s heads.