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In case no one noticed, I have a dozen concerns about the red pills, ideology I’ve been researching and tracking for a number of years now. Sometimes people ask me why and I can’t even answer properly. Culture, politics, faith?

Way back when, it all began with pick up artistry, puas, and the way they merged into the Mens Rights Movement. No surprise, some people began making a ton of money selling books on how to pick up women, how to game them so to speak.

Our culture obviously has seen some huge shifts in values, the sexual revolution, the fracture of two parent families, absent fathers. How do we learn our ethics, our values, in the absence of any traditional sources? No faith, no family, no church, certainly no healthy examples on TV anymore, and we are simply unrooted, adrift, seeking answers anywhere we can find them.

I hate to see people broken, I hate to see the devastation and destruction they can cause, not just to their own selves but to others too. It’s sad, it’s wasteful. There’s another way, a better way. Life is precious.

So these unrooted, Lost Boys go plunging into the matrix, the red pills, and often find a very appealing message, all entwined in male entitlement, sexual dominance, power and control, anger. That’s very seductive for those who are feeling powerless, but the results can sometimes be destructive and tragic.

Elliot Rodgers  and his shooting spree and suicide at University of California at Santa Barbara.

The rape trials of Jason M. Berlin, Jonas Issac Dick,  and Alexander Markham Smith, men who actually blogged their “field report.”

There are many more.

Some red pills, those who are Christians, those who claim to follow Jesus Christ, those who quote scripture, I have tried to appeal to, to ask them to lead the way. Dalrock, Vox Day, Donal Graeme, Tomassi and so, so many others.  It never goes well, but no matter how many deaf ears my words fall on, we still need all of our Christian men to step up to the plate, to lead the way, to speak life to a dead and dying world. We need truth spoken, not hatred for women, not darkness, not domination as destruction, but life and Light. Love.

I suspect the red pills will now begin to fracture, distance themselves from their darker elements yet again, create another new name, but the ideology, the spirit there is as old as time.

Cast it all aside and speak life, share the gospel, spread the good news. It’s that simple.