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I have this issue with taking vows, swearing oaths, making promises. Even when I’m promising to be somewhere I say, “I’ll do my best.” Stuff just happens sometimes.

I “never say never” because I’ve come to understand that I really don’t know my own heart, future circumstances, or what I might be called to do. When I was younger, I swore I would never get married and boom, about six months later I was. So you can see the problem.

I have since learned not to take oaths of any sort.

Once I was talking with some people who were swearing, “I could never kill anyone,” and I suddenly had this vision of an old Western with the music playing ominously in the background as the bad guys rode into town. “You know, some people just need killing,” says the old cowboy sitting in the dust. Well, O-k-a-y, now. I guess won’t be swearing to that one either. It would be just like God to send a posse after me and leave me no choice.

You would be amazed at the number of silly things people try to get you to swear to. Swear to me that if we’re ever in a plane crash you wont cannibalize the other survivors, okay? Wait…Say what!? Seriously?

In the modern world it’s gotten even more nutty and confusing and I think I am required to sign my life away about a dozen times a day. The other day at the pharmacy I had to swear to have received their commitment to privacy. What am I supposed to do about it if they don’t live up to their own requirements? Why am I the one swearing to all this stuff anyway? I have no power here.

We don’t really have much of a choice anymore. I always go crazy over those phone calls that say, “this call maybe recorded and monitored for quality control purposes.” No, I do not consent to being taped! Also, I don’t even know who you are. That is so rude, but it’s become normalized, so we tend to think nothing of it.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and no I don’t make resolutions either. It’s fine with me if you do, just don’t make them negative, okay? “I will never…” is a negative, it’s about your own will. “I will never drink again” is a common one, wrapped in negativity because first it declares there is something wrong with you, and than it declares you can will it away under your own steam. There’s a logical fallacy in there, a lie that our spirits recognize even if we don’t. There is something wrong with my will, so I will just use more of my faulty will to fix…my faulty will. Negative vows are the ones most likely to fail. At least make it more positive and less dependent on your own will…which is usually what got us into the problem in the first place.

I continue to have issues around vows, resolutions, oaths, something I felt quite odd about until I discovered there are actually some biblical precedents for such things. Quite a few actually. It was such a relief, as if a burden had been lifted. It is okay. There are actually some very good reasons for it. 

“Let your yes be yes and your no be no…”